KIDS “No Scare” Trick-or-Treat Tour

Our “No-Scare” Matinee Trick-or-Treat Tours were designed with young monster fans in mind.
The tours happen during daylight hours and all the Castle Blood house lights are on inside. Our scare animatronics are turned off, and there will be no actor scares. Only fun, friendly Castle Blood characters will be on site to meet you as you and your little ones travel from trick-or-treat station to station.

All children and family members will still be able play the Quest for the Talisman game as they trick-or-treat through Castle Blood.

During our daylight tours we welcome photography for please take as many pictures as you like.

“No-Scare” Matinee Trick-or-Treat Tours are on $8 per person. (Newborns/babes in arms too young to trick-or-treat are admitted free to the castle grounds.)

When: Sunday, Oct. 21 and Sunday, Oct. 28 from 2 to 5 p.m.

Purchase tickets onsite at the Castle Blood ticket booth. Gift Shop onsite. Free Parking.

More information here: