Join the Cast


Join the cool ghouls at Castle Blood. We dare you!

Be part of the family! Join the cool ghouls at Castle Blood.

Do you want to be part of our fun, all-volunteer acting crew at Castle Blood?The Castle Blood Cast is a unique blend of talented locals and gifted professional performers from across the country.

Working at Castle Blood is an excellent opportunity to gain live, interactive performance training and network with other like-minded performers, haunters and costumers.

We meet with eligible applicants before October to prepare them for the Halloween season including costume selection and orientation.

Apply now

To apply please email¬† with the subject “Join the cast”.


“Everyone strives to be the best actor/character they can be. Each performer is a character that the public loves.”

Every year Castle Blood has a limited number of spaces for new actor / performer / trainees. We are currently accepting applications.

Are you over 18 years of age? Do you love Halloween, Acting, Wearing Costumes and/or Performing? Are you creative?

Positions you may be asked to fill include Scare Actor, Scene Actor,  and Front of House staff. Your best fit will be determined by the Actor Manager.

Not comfortable with learning a scripted scene? Scare acting is for you.

Scare actors are the life blood of castle blood. Bringing the thrills and chills to our patrons. Popping up from behind the walls unexpectedly, scare actors bring the frights!

Love bringing a character to life? Set acting might be your cup of tea.

Unlike most haunted houses, the Castle is a ‘show’ that has a defined script, and needs a certain amount of actors to fill those scripted parts. You may be trained to give clues or administer tests to the mortals or you might even be trained to preform a magic trick or two.

Have an unusual skill? Can you play an instrument or perform magic or other close up entertainment?

We have limited positions for line actors and entertainers. If you think this is your skill set let us know.

Shows are Friday, Saturday, Sunday evenings in October. We also have two Sunday afternoon “daytime” no-scare children’s shows the last two weekends of the month. (Scare actors can choose perform in a non-scare position for these shows if they wish.)